Atomic BC2

Atomic BC2


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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings(5 customer reviews). The BC2 is the back inflation evolution of the acclaimed Atomic BC series. The Atomic BC2 incorporates the same futuristic, incredibly tough, corrosion-resistant materials as the jacket-style BC1. A result of the Atomic “design studio” approach, the BC2 is a radical design departure from conventional back inflation BCs and is the TOUGHEST BACK INFLATION BC in the world. Please Note: Inflator assembly sold separately.


1. EXCLUSIVE LAMINATED & COATED WATERPROOF FABRIC The custom matte finish fabric looks and feels unlike any other BC. Not only is it beautiful, it LOOKS as tough as it is, designed to hold up year after year. It is virtually impermeable and resists abrasion, tears and punctures. The strong double-laminated polyurethane coated fabric actually SHEDS water like a raincoat.

2. RATCHETING CAM-LOK TANK BAND This Atomic Aquatics design exclusive is the easiest tank band to use, working much like ski and snowboard bindings. Easily adapts to a wide variety of tank sizes. No more wetting a nylon web band and weaving it through a buckle.

3. PATENTED EZ-LOK WEIGHT RELEASE SYSTEM A remarkably easy-to-use design feature. Each weight pouch holds up to 10 lbs. of hard or soft weights, smoothly glides into pockets, and locks with a reassuring “SNAP”. Releases with a simple tug on the handle.

4. QUILTED BACKPAD & ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR PAD Uniquely elegant and functional, enabling a diver to adjust for the most comfortable fit. BC2 carrying handle is concealed behind the diamond pattern backpad.

5. SAND-RESISTANT POCKET ZIPPERS Uniquely Atomic, the self-sealing zipper closes completely to prevent sand or debris from getting caught in zipper teeth.

6. TITANIUM-COATED STAINLESS STEEL D-RINGS Custom 316 Stainless Steel D-rings with Titanium PVD coating are corrosion-resistant and strategically placed for convenience.

7. LOW-PROFILE TRIM WEIGHT POCKETS Uniquely hydrodynamic pockets each hold up to 5 lbs. for improved diver profile in the water.

8. NON-SKID TANK PAD Combined with the CAM-LOK tank band, the rigid molded tank pad and backpack provides ultimate tank security with CNC-Machined Stainless Steel hardware molded to the frame.

9. “DRY GLIDE” EXHAUST PULL DUMPS & KNOBS Low friction 316 Stainless Steel pull dumps in two locations with patent pending Anti-Floating Pull Knob with lengthened tails.

10. HIGH-PERFORMANCE INFLATION CHOICES A choice is in the air. A truly elite world-class BC deserves high-performance inflation and safe second options. Dive with the innovatively designed Atomic SS1 available in Titanium or Stainless Steel. Or dive with a high performance pairing of the Atomic Octo and the Ai Power Inflator. Inflator/safe second options sold separately.

Atomic Aquatics warrants the BC2 Buoyancy Compensator against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years. Atomic Aquatics warrants the SS1 safe second/inflator and the Ai inflator against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Servicing should be done every 2 years/300 dives for stainless steel models and 3 years/300 dives for titanium models. Atomic Aquatics will, at its option, repair or replace any components it finds defective.


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