Shearwater Perdix AI OC/CC Trimix

Shearwater Perdix AI OC/CC Trimix


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Part Number:13302 Manufacturer: Shearwater

The defacto standard in technical dive computers is also easy enough for a student!


  • Wireless pressure monitoring of 1 or 2 scuba tanks

  • Units in PSI or Bar

  • Flexible display setup

  • Optional Gas Time Remaining (GTR) and Surface Air

    Consumption (SAC) rate based on one of the tanks

  • Logging of pressure, GTR, and SAC values at 10

    second intervals

  • Average SAC of last dive displayed on surface

  • Warnings when reserve and critical pressures reached

  • Available in all modes (OC Rec, OC Tec, CC/BO, and


What is AI?

AI stands for Air Integration. On the Perdix AI, this refers to a system that uses wireless transmitters (FIGURE 3) to measure the gas pressure in a scuba tank and transmit this information to the Perdix AI handset (FIGURE 2) for display and logging

Data is transmitted using low-frequency (38kHz) radio frequency communications. A receiver in the Perdix AI accepts this data and formats it for display.

The communication is one-way. The transmitter sends data to the Perdix AI handset, but the handset does not send any data to the transmitter.

Although the feature is named “Air” Integration, other gas mixtures can be used with the system as well. When using gas mixtures with oxygen content above 40%, be sure to have proper training on such mixtures, and follow proper cleaning and material compatibility guidelines.


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