The Lionfish Cookbook

The Lionfish Cookbook


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Released February 2016 -- The second edition of The Lionfish Cookbook contains brand new recipes from highly regarded culinary professionals throughout the Western Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, all of whom have created unique methods of preparing lionfish. The original 45 appetizer and entrée recipes from the first edition are included as well, providing a blend of tantalizing recipes, background and impacts of the lionfish invasion, and information on how to effectively catch, handle and prepare lionfish.

Although it is highly unlikely that lionfish will ever be eradicated from their invaded range, it is very possible that local populations can be controlled and their impacts minimized simply by adding it to the menu. While many traditional native seafood species are under immense fishing pressure and in need of protection, lionfish are a tasty, nutritious and environmentally conscious seafood choice. There is simply no "greener" fish to eat!

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