xDeep Secure Weight Pockets

xDeep Secure Weight Pockets


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Part Number:HA-001-1 Manufacturer: xDeep

Compact, secure weight pockets.

xDeep pockets ensure easy and safe carrying due to inner holder pouch equipped with a strong handle and durable zipper.
This solution makes it easier to carry and manipulate the weight assembled of many smaller weights and significantly improves the safety.
You can simply take out all the weight from the pocket at one time and pass it to the boat crew to make getting on the boat much easier and without the risk of dropping it.

Reinforced front edge of the outer pocket shell makes putting the weight in a lot easier, especially when you have to do it during training dives all over again or when you are wearing very thick gloves in harsh conditions.

xDeep weight pockets are securely mounted but easily droppable. The accidental loss of weight during the dive can lead to accident. The XDEEP weight pockets are equipped with very strong and durable ITW NEXUS® buckles, made of polyacetal – very durable material resistant to salty water and extreme temperatures. Their durability and the "click" sound they make at fastening gives you the certainty that your weight is mounted safely. It is easy to drop the weight in an emergency because of the large size of the buckle and always smooth operation.

Solid and stable mounting.
There is probably nothing worse in diving than the unstable weight which moves and bumps your body during the dive. xDEEP weight pockets are mounted on the waist strap of the harness and bolted down to the backplate. This ensures that nothing moves and weight remains in its place all the time, even when you roll to the side or stay upside down.

Pocket dimensions: 


total length: 8.5 inches

total width: 4.3/4 inches

height / rise: 3 inches

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