Scott Watson

Scott on Dive Boat CroppedScott began diving in 2012 and quickly moved through the recreational ranks and into a professional role as a Divemaster.  Always traveling and eager to learn more, it wasn’t long before he started down the technical diving path.  He currently holds his Full Cave and Hypoxic Trimix ratings, allowing him to dive to depths many divers can’t even fathom, over 300’!  

When not teaching SCUBA, you will usually find him around the dive shop working with our other instructors or producing our emails, Facebook posts, and other marketing materials.  We let him out of the shop occasionally to fun dive in one of his favorite spots such as St. Croix, Bonaire, or the Florida Keys.

Before changing careers into the SCUBA industry, Scott spent much of his career in Corporate America managing Web Analytics for clients such as Microsoft and The City of New York. Too young to retire, we managed to snag him for Water World.


Whit Binz

Whit began diving in 1968, obtaining a YMCA certification so that he could dive with his father.  His brother and sister also became certified with the YMCA.  Whit’s first PADI certification as a SCUBA DIVER was earned in 1974.  After diving for several years in the quarries, lakes and rivers of the Midwest, Whit moved away from his dive buddies and ceased diving for several years.  After a prolonged surface interval, Whit returned to diving working his way up to the professional certification as a Divemaster with PADI.  Whit enjoys diving with his daughter Ashley, the third generation of Binz’s to scuba dive.  Whit enjoys diving in the quarries and the many shipwrecks off the North Carolina coast.  

Whit has retired and now works at Water World as a Senior Sales Associate and In-house Service Tech in the Dive Shop.  He also performs Divemaster duties as needed.