Poseidon Cyklon 5000 Metal Fixed Yoke

Poseidon Cyklon 5000 Metal Fixed Yoke


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Part Number:3950 10M Manufacturer: Poseidon

Robust, high performing, easy to use and cold water ready. The Cyklon just works. Now updated for Nitrox and Oxygen.

A regulator must possess a set of functions which are unaffected by the different environments it will see during its lifetime. Examples of these functions include inhalation resistance, exhalation bubble distraction, noise and leak tightness – to name just a few. Different environments such as cylinder pressure, diving attitude, depth, temperature, gas, type of water, the diver can have an effect on these functions. When a new regulator is released on the market, it has to pass the EN 250 test. This test represents one single environment; the manufacturer may have managed to test perhaps another hundred such situations, which is good but not necessarily enough. Only after years and years of actual use by divers around the world will the manufacturer collect all the information which can guarantee a perfect performance under all circumstances. This of course, takes time... The Poseidon Cyklon Junior was introduced in 1958. In small steps, it has been gradually improved every year, based on both divers’ experiences and technological evolution. And so it continues. The expression “been there – done that” applies to The Poseidon Cyklon more than to any other regulator on the market.

Your regulator is life support equipment and it should regularly undergo maintenance service to minimize the risk of failure, accidents and injury. We recommend that maintenance service should be performed about once every 100 dives or biannual, whatever comes first. Maintenance service should be performed by a service technician that is certified to service Poseidon equipment and only Poseidon original parts should be used.


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